Projekt in einem Englischkurs der Einführungsphase:

To cut a very long story short: Minisagas zum Thema „SPEAK“

// Mini sagas are stories told in exactly 50 words. Words that are contracted, count as one. //
Minisagas sind eine Textsorte, die durch ihre Kürze (es müssen exakt 50 Wörter sein), die Schülerinnen und Schüler zu einer Reduktion und Rationalisierung ihrer Ausdrucksmittel zwingt. Diese Minisagas sind von Schülerinnen und Schülern aus der Einführungsphase geschrieben worden. //

I’m not lonely. When I wake up, I text my girlfriend. I go downstairs. My parents
aren’t home. They’re never. On my way to school, I meet George. We sit together
during lunchtime. A girl comes near and asks me why I’m sitting alone but I’m too
scared to answer. (Marc Werner)

“Why is he mute and deaf,“ a strange boy asked my friend. “He had an accident,”
answered my friend. I listened to the conversation. It’s always the same. After the
curious boy had laughed about me and my accident, I said: “I can speak but I don’t
talk to everybody!“ (Theresa Schwarz)

She was sitting crying in the uncomfortable chair that meanwhile had become her
sleeping place and had already given up hope until she suddenly heard a voice:
“Darling?”. After months of waiting, the most beautiful sound appeared. Her
mother woke up from a coma and spoke to her caring daughter. (Vanessa Firnges)

Sarah and Allie went to such a phenomenal party. Allie grabbed Sarah a red
colored cocktail called “Death in the afternoon”. After a while, Sarah starts to get
dizzy and notices Allie’s deep blue eyes smiling at her. “It’s not my fault,” she tried
to speak, but everything became blurred. (Romina D’Agosto)

It’s the same with my brother every day. Since he is mute and does not speak,
communication with him has been difficult for months. He writes his concerns and
wishes on notes and shows them to me. But why doesn’t my brother speak even
though he is able to? (Youssif Kasim)

Communication is the most essential aspect of life. I want to speak, but I cannot
speak. I open my mouth, but my sore throat cannot get any words out. The bitter
truth, my labile emotions pile up – ough – I’ll swallow them. I want to explode,
but I implode. Silence forever. (Leon Lipovac)